Soft Skills Hard Results

Anne Taylor


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Everyone says a great leader needs EQ, Emotional Intelligence, soft skills,
blah, blah, blah. What does that even mean? Where do you start? Where’s
the line for that on the P&L?

You might think that business is all about facts and figures. You probably prefer it that way. The truth is that as uncertainty and business complexity increases, successful
leaders need to embrace soft skills to get the best out of their people in a sustainable manner.

In this succinct, no-nonsense approach, Anne Taylor shares:
  • Key soft skills relevant for leadership and practical applications of how to use them every day drawn from real-life case studies
  • Straightforward tools to better understand yourself, because your leadership starts with YOU
  • Simple frameworks to communicate with others to get things done while building a stronger relationship with them (at the same time, how efficient!)
Logical ideas you can try immediately with on-line support if you want
it. All done in an easy to read, logical, organized manner for people who prefer facts
and don’t consider themselves natural ‘people people.’
In a direct yet professional manner, Anne combines the results-oriented focus from
her extensive business background in Fortune 100 corporations with her passion for
personal awareness and conscious choice to help you get better results through your people, fast.

The Practical Principles in this book, when applied, practiced and
honed, can improve your effectiveness, impact and bottom-line results.

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