Growing the Elephant

Chris Altizer
Gloria Johnson-Cusack

Publication date: September 27, 2022

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** Business Book Awards 2023 Finalist **

‘Amazing book: Clever, insightful, relevant, and actionable.’ Dave Ulrich

If you find discussions of inequality painful, aggravating, exhausting, or even scary, it’s time to explore the elephant.

Growing the Elephant is the story of Advantage – Earned and Unearned. Earned Advantage is the part of the Elephant we know. Work hard – get rewarded; form relationships – get opportunities. But while anyone can earn Advantage, some have more opportunity than others. That’s the story of Unearned Advantage.

Unearned Advantage is the part of the Elephant we avoid. It is so hard to talk or even think about that those with it ignore or deny it while those without it are exhausted or incensed by it.

Growing the Elephant is for anyone working to increase innovation, performance, and inclusion by building practices and mindset to meet and stay with what’s difficult. It is for leaders and contributors at any level and those who help them build and sustain diversity, equity and inclusion.

A seasoned human resources executive, CHRIS ALTIZER, MBA, MA consults and coaches executives and lectures on business, management. and inclusive leadership. He has led teams and worked with senior leaders across industries around the globe. His research and work have been published in journals and covered by Forbes Magazine. Chris practices and teaches mindfulness, yoga, and martial arts.
GLORIA JOHNSON-CUSACK, MPA, is a servant leader and changemaker who consults to leadership teams and boards of public and private foundations committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, financial security, and health. She lectures at Columbia University and serves as Board Chair of the Firelight Foundation supporting communities in Africa. She holds degrees from American University and Columbia University.

I found this book especially compelling because it was one of the first I’ve read to bring a spiritual angle into the workplace and challenge the concept of whether business dealings have to be a zero-sum equation, or whether maybe there is a better path forward.


The advantages of leveraging diversity through inclusion have been widely recognized, if not often successfully reaped, for decades. Why is it that now we are all so focus on this topic. Amazingly there are still a lot of people who choose to ignore this, while there are ways to ensure you are not seen as disrespectful. Chris Altizer and Gloria Johnson-Cusack not only provide explanation to recognize diversity but also use it through true life examples

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