Change the Game (ebook)

Julia Muir

Publication date: March 8, 2021

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Leaders are under increasing pressure to ensure their businesses are gender-balanced and inclusive for the benefit of the economy and society.

But how? And what does that mean for YOUR business?

This pioneering book is a route map to help leaders get started and navigate the way to leading a high-performing gender-balanced business. It features:

  • An easy-to-follow 6-step guide with practical advice and solutions
  • Case studies to illustrate how businesses like yours have implemented winning ideas
  • A compelling 5-minute pitch to inspire your team to take action

Fixing the gender gap is a key indicator of an effective leader in the 21st century, and gender balance is essential to enable transformational business growth.

Julia Muir is the award-winning Founder of the Automotive 30% Club and CEO of Gaia Innovation Ltd.

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