Active Operations Management

Neil Bentley
Richard Jeffery

Publication date: January 19, 2021


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This is a practical guide for managers in Service Operations to help them to improve the performance of their operation by using the Active Operations Management (AOM) method, developed by the authors.

AOM is a unique blend of the human and technical sides of performance improvement. On the one hand it offers a practical guide to planning and managing workers time in order to optimize the delivery of targets for cost, quality and service. On the other hand it provides insight into human motivation and behaviour that are critical to delivering performance improvement changes that will last.

This is a practical ‘how to’ book rather than a theoretical tome, aimed at demystifying management theory, debunking unhelpful jargon and helping managers apply techniques directly to their own working environment.

In a complex and rapidly changing world, the last thing managers need is internal complexity in the way they manage the delivery of service to customers. Simplifying the management of operations is essential if organizations are to be agile enough to adapt, survive and thrive in the modern economy.

I enjoyed this book and learning more about active operations management. It gave me some key tips and advice that I am excited to apply throughout the workplace.


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