Author feature: Felicity Cowie at the BBC

Felicity Cowie's BBC pass

Felicity Cowie, author of Exposure! Insider secrets to make your business a go-to authority for journalists, remembers her early days at the BBC, before she started working on news programmes and Panorama.

Memories of Ceefax

Felicity Cowie worked on Ceefax from 1997 to 1999 and recalls the mechanics of producing the pages in ten-hour shifts.

Book review: Why Weren’t We Taught This at School?

HR DIrector

“It, at times, is an intensely personal experience in a book. I can’t say I have ever had that before with a business book like I have with a novel, however perhaps this isn’t really just a business book. It can help with people managers, with working with colleagues, indeed with any professional relationships. However it can also help with raising children, with family relationships, with friends, everyone.”
Review of Alice Sheldon‘s Why Weren’t We Taught This at School? in HR Director.

Why Weren’t We Taught This at School?: The surprisingly simple secret to transforming life’s challenges

The author is really onto something with the contents of this book. Readers are walked through a simple model to support better life choices, a more calm and human approach to life through the model of Needs Understanding. I just didn’t expect what I got from the title, cover and blurb.

PI founder Alison Jones in Training Journal

Of course you write at work all the time, but have you discovered the power of exploratory writing yet? Alison Jones shares why all businesses should embrace this lightweight, offline tool for creativity and wellbeing.

Writing – a powerful self-reflection tool

We’ve known for many years that reflection is a key part of learning. When you’re in formal study, for example CPD or a post-graduate qualification, written reflection is an intrinsic part of the course. At work? Not so much.