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Into the Glen

Judy Hayman

Will the hidden Glen reveal its secrets? There’s only one way to find out!

A new adventure for young adult readers who fell in love with the Dragon Tales books as children.

Size: 7.81 × 5.06 in252 PagesISBN: 9781788600699
Publication: November 22, 2018


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A group of archaeology students on a university dig are too busy excavating an ancient settlement to explore further up the remote Highland glen. Only Lisa suspects there is more to discover.

Lisa, Finn and Matthew share a secret; of a strange meeting, now a precious but distant memory, too dangerous to reveal to anybody else. But Lisa has a feeling that venturing further into the glen might give the three of them the chance of a reunion.

It turns into an experience they will never forget.

Judy Hayman is the author of the Dragon Tales chronicles, a series of books for younger readers, illustrated by Caroline Wolfe Murray.

This is her first book for Young Adults.

Format: Ebook

Size: 7.81 × 5.06 in

252 Pages

ISBN: 9781788600699

Publication: November 22, 2018

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