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Lynne's Laws of Leadership

20 big lessons for leading a small law firm

Lynne Burdon

Twenty profound and powerful rules of leadership from the personal experience of a pioneering founder and leader of two small law firms.

Size: 216 × 138 × 20 mm / 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.8125 in280 PagesISBN: 9781788600293
Publication: September 27, 2018


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Lynne’s Laws have been honed from personal experience of leading a pioneering small law firm.

Lynne Burdon shares stories from her own experience as founder and leader of two successful firms to illustrate the principles of leadership that are essential to create a successful business.

She reveals the practical steps to success: creating a great place to work which will attract and retain the best staff and thus deliver outstanding service to clients.

Work should be meaningful and fun: these principles will show you how to make this true for yourself and your organisation.

Lynne Burdon is a pioneering law firm leader with over 30 years’ experience as founding and managing partner of two law firms. She believes the key to business success is attracting and retaining the best people and the best clients. How? By creating a great working environment alongside the highest levels of professional integrity and innovative ways to give the best practical advice. As well as her legal training, Lynne has an MBA with distinction and is a qualified Executive Coach (Myler Campbell). She is also an NLP Master Practitioner and is trained in the use of personality tools MBTI and Firo B. Since stepping down as managing partner Lynne has focused on coaching and leadership training, bringing together her understanding of people and what motivates them with her extensive experience of management and leadership.

"A fantastic, well written book. Very honest and full of top tips for leaders! I couldn't put it down"

"...I found Lynne's book enjoyable and easy to understand. The real stories she provides helped me relate to the 20 simple but quite profound rules about how to manage a firm, work well with people and, ultimately, follow your dreams. Highly recommended."

"There are so many books dealing with this topic, but this one stands out from the others. An easy style to read and full of common sense information that makes you say, "why didn't I think of that before"."

"Lynne provides you with an honest account of what it is like to lead successful firms. It takes a lot for someone to step back and frankly appraise not only their successes but also the more difficult times. Lynne does just that, selflessly passing on the knowledge she has acquired over decades. Her passion for her work and mentoring others shines through. I also really liked the layout of the book. Lynne's style is easy to read and the chapters means it will be easy to re-read a chapter on an area that might be particularly challenging in that moment. The questions she asks at the end of the chapters give real pause for thought and helps build the best ideas for your firm strategically and carefully."

'This book is a treasure-trove of insight and wisdom. Every page is teeming with the benefits of 30 years of hard work - the lived experience of ‘been there, done that’ through many excitements and challenges. The role of managing partner in a law firm can be a lonely one at times. Few others will fully appreciate the nature or the pressure of the decisions and actions that have to be taken, sometimes with imperfect information and almost always against the clock. This book will be like having a coach and mentor by your side as a constant guide and companion.
The style throughout these pages is direct, personal and compelling. It is also generous in sharing the learning and reflections from three decades of building and sustaining organisational coherence and success through a period of profound change in legal practice. You cannot fail to be impressed by it, to learn from it and even, on occasion, to be moved by it.'
- Professor Stephen Mayson, author of Making Sense of Law Firms and Law Firm Strategy: Competitive Advantage and Valuation

'This is a fantastic resource for anyone involved in law firm management, whether just starting out on that lonely road, or an old timer like me. Lynne has obviously thought deeply and read widely on the subject over the years. She brilliantly distils the essence of what she has learned from this and from her practical experience to produce a very readable book, peppered with entertaining and informative anecdotes which really bring to life the lessons she has learned and is now passing on.'
- David Marshall, Managing Partner, Anthony Gold Solicitors

'Using her two law firms as a 30-year case study, Lynne uncovers what it takes to create a truly great business – the passion, the rigour, the courage and self-belief. Using real examples she shares her wisdom and experience, her failures and successes, to tell the story of how her firm grew - and the invaluable lessons it taught her.
Lynne explores with striking clarity what she has learned about how all this works (or sometimes doesn’t!), and why it is so important.
She has created an invaluable handbook for others – a practical guide for how to build a great law firm, an ethical workplace, and a life that is meaningful and fun. And the things you need to do each and every day to keep it that way.
This book is a rich treasure of business theory brought to life with flesh-and-blood examples.'
- Des O’Connell, Sherwood PSF Consulting, ex-managing partner of a City law firm

'This is a remarkable achievement. It combines a hugely readable personal story of the founder of a successful law firm with a detailed clear and very practical ‘how to do it manual’ full of transferable ideas for anyone who wants to learn about leadership.
Lynne's passion and principles shine through and are allied with a healthy dose of pragmatism as well as lacking the hubris that sometimes mars other such monographs.
This is a fascinating read - full of stories and wise advice shared with serious intent and a touch of humour throughout.'
- Sally Woodward, Solicitor, Business and Leadership Coach, Founding Principal Sherwood PSF Consulting.

'If anyone was going to write a book about being a managing partner, Lynne is the ideal candidate. She’s a powerhouse.
 Her unbridled energy, infectious enthusiasm and likeable personality means that she relates to clients, staff and suppliers alike in the most positive way. And reading it from the perspective of an accountant who has been in practice (and running one) for many years, what she has to say in her book doesn’t just apply to law firms. The easily digestible information that Lynne has shared here is a must read for any managing partner of a professional services company or firm, anyone aspiring to lead such an organisation and anyone working in the professions. In fact, it’s just an enlightening read for any one of us working in commerce today.'
 - Jeff Gitter Senior Partner, Lubbock Fine Chartered Accountants

'In the pages of this book, Lynne lifts back the curtain on the exact philosophies, principles and practices she employed over the years, the good, the bad AND the ugly and shares them in a practical, use-the-next-day manner that will get the reader thinking differently about how they can create an environment and culture where success can thrive naturally and without all of the control, limitation and restriction so common in organisations these days.
If you’ve been looking for a way to create more impact, more influence and more inspiration both within your business and the niche it serves, you’ll really enjoy some of the truth-bombs Lynne’s Laws will be dropping on you.'
- Dax Moy, Founder, MindMAP Mastery Coaching Institute, National Academy Of Best Selling Authors ‘Quilly’ Recipient, author of The MAGIC Hundred


Format: Paperback

Size: 216 × 138 × 20 mm / 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.8125 in

280 Pages

Copyright: © 2018

ISBN: 9781788600293

Publication: September 27, 2018

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