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#Upcycle Your Job

The smart way to balance family life and career

Anna Meller

The smart way to balance family life and career. Anna Meller believes it’s high time we #Upcycled our jobs and careers to fit today's lifestyles and meet women's changed expectations.

Size: 216 × 140 × 18 mm / 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.75 in180 PagesISBN: 9781788600743
Publication: March 29, 2019


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Women make up the majority of university graduates. They enter the workplace in equal numbers with men. But many workplaces still operate with cultures developed over a century ago to reflect a predominantly male workforce and vastly differing social expectations. So all too often as women become parents they are forced to fix things in the only way they can - by downgrading their job expectations or dropping out of the corporate world.

Anna Meller believes it’s high time we #Upcycled our jobs and careers to fit today's lifestyles and meet women's changed expectations. Her PROPEL model offers ambitious working mothers new possibilities for progressing their corporate careers. 

In this book, Anna leads you through an evidence-based six step process that supports you in finding the balance you need. Practical exercises enable you to craft a working arrangement that meets your employer’s expectations as well as your own aspirations, and to develop the key skills you need to maintain it.

Anna Meller is the UK’s leading work re-balance expert. She works with ambitious professional women seeking to balance corporate career with family life. Based on 25 years’ coaching and consulting experience Anna has developed the PROPEL model which forms the heart of this book and which is designed to empower women to make choices that work for them and their employers. So they progress their careers and their employers retain key talent. Anna has an MSc in Occupational Psychology, is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a founding member of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology’s working group on work-life balance. Her early working life involved a series of line HR roles mainly in Financial Services.

Part 1 Preparing to #Upcycle 
Chapter 1 The three things we need to #Upcycle
(or why women struggle to lean in) 
Chapter 2 How to #Upcycle your corporate future 
Part 2 Your tailored #Upcycling strategy
Chapter 3 Preferences 
Chapter 4 Roles 
Chapter 5 Options 
Chapter 6 Possibilities 
Chapter 7 Essential skills
Chapter 8 Leadership 
Part 3 Power tools for #Upcycling 
Chapter 9 Introducing positive psychology 
Chapter 10 Parting thoughts 
About the author

"I loved the ideas and the scientific part of the book. It is useful especially nowadays when we are so connected online. Loved the book and the way the ideas were structured in a logical manner."

'Anna has written an awesome book that explains the importance
of women managing their own flexible careers. In the 21st
century, businesses are now becoming more inclusive places to
work. The 9–5 culture is no longer a must for many businesses,
the smart ones are realising it’s less about measuring hours
worked, with more of a focus on outputs produced. The book
explores how working flexibly can be done without hindering
a woman’s career and disrupting her home life too much.
Inside you will get great takeaways, including tools to help the
flexible worker upcycle their skills especially when considering
a leadership role. Just because a woman has chosen to work
flexibly, it does not mean she is not leadership material. The
change is on the horizon for women in board roles but many
still think they are not able to take up those positions because
of family commitments. Inside, Anna shows it is possible.'
- Vivienne Aiyela, NED London Football Association

'Can women have it all? This is the million dollar question.
Anna’s research-based book addresses the issue in a practical,
tangible but always research grounded way. Packed with tips
and exercises, she challenges the notion that ambition needs
to take a back seat to juggle work–life balance. This is an
empowering approach, as we need to start with ourselves to
challenge the corporate Always On culture.'
- Dr Almuth McDowall, Professor of Organisational Psychology,
Birkbeck, University of London

'Balancing career and family is hard. #Upcycle Your Job is a
welcome and timely guide that reminds us that for women
(and men, too) you can take control of your corporate life.
This book shows you how. Blending unique and pragmatic
tools with a solid evidence-based approach that draws on
the research and expertise of leading work–life thinkers, it
provides a step guide to making sustainable change to achieve
the right balance between work and career. My own research
in the Modern Families Index tells us that all too often working
mothers (and increasingly, fathers) are deliberately limiting
their careers to find work–life balance. It doesn’t have to be
this way, and #Upcycle Your Job shows how to do it differently,
and better.'
- Jonathan Swan, Head of Research, Policy and Communications,
Working Families

'This book is a fantastic resource for working mothers who
want to stay in the corporate world and find a better balance
between work and family and for companies who want to
benefit from agile working. It’s packed with useful insights,
fresh approaches and very practical advice. Women who are
working smarter, job crafting and upcycling are pioneering a
better experience of work for everyone and this book provides
the route map to making it work.'
- Elizabeth Divver, Group HR Director, The Big Issue

'Despite the overwhelming evidence that flexible and reduced
hours support the progression of careers for working mothers,
finding that flexibility remains tough in many organisations.
This evidence-based book will empower ambitious women to
define and manage their own flexibility within the corporate
environment to the benefit of both employer and employee.'
- Ben Wilson, Executive Director, EHRC

'There is growing evidence that flexible/agile working and
the need to be ‘Always On’ can threaten wellbeing and job
performance. Written by an acknowledged expert in work–
life balance, this rigorously researched but practical book
helps you to find a better, more balanced way of working that
also benefits your wellbeing, effectiveness and productivity.
It considers the challenges that working mothers face when
managing their job and career and introduces a new model
that you can apply to your own life in order to take control and
have a more balanced future.'
- Dr Gail Kinman, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology,
University of Bedfordshire


Format: Paperback

Size: 216 × 140 × 18 mm / 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.75 in

180 Pages

Copyright: © 2019

ISBN: 9781788600743

Publication: March 29, 2019

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