Transform to Outperform

Ever wonder how to achieve extraordinary results in a disruptive world?

Exceed your own expectations and those of your competitors by unleashing your superpower. Learn how to develop your best self, build your brand, influence, and engage others and transform your team and organization results.
In Transform to Outperform: 7 powers to transform you, your team and your results Susie Robinson reveals practical steps towards personal, team and organization transformation, and seven transformative powers that help you deliver extraordinary performance. Leadership is transforming outcomes. It begins with the release of personal power and with the addition of goal power, process power, people power, culture power, smart power and staying power, goes on to create a performance double helix and symbiosis between the leader and their team with outstanding results. Informed by the latest developments in psychology, neuroscience, performance science and working directly with leaders using a strengths-based approach this is a powerful guide to personal development and life transformation as well as a manual for modern leadership and a practical, innovative route through the maze of leading change.

Don’t Fix Women

‘Read this and be the change that’s needed’ Prof Helen Pankhurst CBE

Struggling to find ways to retain and reward women and meet your diversity targets?

Wondering why your female-led diversity initiatives are not working?

Don’t Fix Women reveals how achieving gender balance at work isn’t about ‘fixing’ the women, it’s about changing the system. Packed with simple, practical recommendations, this book provides a route-map to improve gender equality in your organization, develop a truly diverse, modern leadership culture, and reap the rewards that this brings.

Be informed: Learn from over 100 senior business leaders and CEOs about what they are doing to accelerate progress towards gender equality.

Be ahead of the game: Access research data, new tools and frameworks for your leadership kitbag.

Be the change: Discover practical actions to help you make change happen in your organization today.

As a ‘curator of confidence’, and with over 70 articles published on, Joy Burnford has inspired thousands of women across the globe to find their confidence. But this is only one side of the equation. Her research makes it clear that making women more confident isn’t enough: we also need to change the organizations they work for to clear the path for true gender equality.

Growing the Elephant

‘Amazing book: Clever, insightful, relevant, and actionable.’ Dave Ulrich

If you find discussions of inequality painful, aggravating, exhausting, or even scary, it’s time to explore the elephant.

Growing the Elephant is the story of Advantage – Earned and Unearned. Earned Advantage is the part of the Elephant we know. Work hard – get rewarded; form relationships – get opportunities. But while anyone can earn Advantage, some have more opportunity than others. That’s the story of Unearned Advantage.

Unearned Advantage is the part of the Elephant we avoid. It is so hard to talk or even think about that those with it ignore or deny it while those without it are exhausted or incensed by it.

Growing the Elephant is for anyone working to increase innovation, performance, and inclusion by building practices and mindset to meet and stay with what’s difficult. It is for leaders and contributors at any level and those who help them build and sustain diversity, equity and inclusion.

A seasoned human resources executive, CHRIS ALTIZER, MBA, MA consults and coaches executives and lectures on business, management. and inclusive leadership. He has led teams and worked with senior leaders across industries around the globe. His research and work have been published in journals and covered by Forbes Magazine. Chris practices and teaches mindfulness, yoga, and martial arts.
GLORIA JOHNSON-CUSACK, MPA, is a servant leader and changemaker who consults to leadership teams and boards of public and private foundations committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, financial security, and health. She lectures at Columbia University and serves as Board Chair of the Firelight Foundation supporting communities in Africa. She holds degrees from American University and Columbia University.

Crafting Connection

Being able to connect deeply with other people will help you succeed and flourish at work and enhance your career or business development.

And more than this, meaningful connection with other people is what gives most of us true joy and a sense of purpose in our personal lives.

But connecting and communicating isn’t always easy. Perhaps we’re fearful of being judged or rejected, or we lack the confidence to speak out in a group, or to approach what we believe will be a difficult conversation.

In this thought-provoking and practical book, you’ll discover how connecting with yourself gives you a foundation for better relationships with others. You’ll find ideas that you can apply to one-to-one conversations, to group interactions such as networking meetings, teamworking and leadership, and in family and social settings.

As you progress through three dimensions of connection, you’ll build skills and confidence in relating to yourself and others.

‘Crafting Connection is a must-read guide to communication and building better relationships.’
Jess Annison, OBE. Jess Annison Coaching

‘… an elegant, accessible, and practical guide to creating a more meaningful, authentic life by deepening the connection you have with yourself and with others.’
Sarah Grant. Nutritional therapist, Gut Reaction

Felicity Dwyer is a facilitator, trainer, coach and speaker. She helps individuals, leaders and teams to connect and communicate, so that people feel heard and understood.

The Change Ninja Handbook

“An essential guide for any professional interested in understanding how to implement and influence change”Prof. Adam Boddison, – Chief Executive, Association for Project Management
Leading change in organizations is always hard, but this original, game-based handbook will at least make it much more fun! Based on real-life case studies and reflecting the most common challenges facing any change ninja, this is a story where you get to make the decisions at each stage, and discover the impact of your choices.
This interactive approach will appeal particularly to non-linear thinkers and those who learn best through action and application. It’s pragmatic, focusing on tips for getting people on board and on identifying small, doable ‘ninja moves’ that gain traction and build momentum by stealth.

After lots of training in things like project management, agile change and leadership, Dr Tammy Watchorn discovered none of this really helped as the focus was always on process rather than people. By understanding how people work instead, she soon found she could deliver successful change by stealth with ninja moves.

Closing the Influence Gap

Women leaders across the globe are experiencing the influence gap. They struggle to get their voice heard in meetings. They can’t get a seat at the table for the decisions that matter. It’s a systemic problem, not a problem with women.It’s no wonder so many talented women experience imposter syndrome!

Closing the Influence Gap empowers women leaders to successfully navigate the workplace, leading their way and changing it for the better. It is a reference tool packed with practical strategies and a troubleshooting section which women can draw on daily to tackle the challenging conversations, decisions and situations they face.

It shows women how they can believe in themselves in challenging situations, helps them to get the recognition they deserve as leaders and provides them with the influencing skills they need to get their voices heard and increase their impact.

Carla Miller is a leadership coach and chart-topping podcast host who works with women in management and leadership roles to develop their careers and their confidence. Hundreds of women leaders from global companies, the public sector and charities have taken part in her Influence & Impact programme.

Making the Ask

If you’re a fundraiser or social entrepreneur keen to secure large gift for any kind of social cause you need to be able to ask the right people for the right money in the right way. But how do you do that?

In this ground-breaking book, global experts Bernard Ross and Clare Segal share their approach – used by major fundraising organisations from UNHCR in the Middle East to MSF in the US and from UK’s Oxford University to MEF Museum in Argentina – which has been used to secure gifts up to $110m in a single ask.

Whether you’re an experienced fundraiser looking for new ideas, a newbie keen to get to the right approach fast, or a board member anxious to help out, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for inside. The book also has a special social bonus – every copy you buy will result in a donation to the WHO foundation to pay for a Covid 19 vaccine in a developing nation. “One reasonably useful book = one life-saving vaccine.”

Coaching Outdoors

The essential handbook for partnering with nature in coaching conversations

As a species, we’re designed to spend most of our time outdoors. Yet today we live in a highly demanding technology-led society, where the pace of change is un-catchable and we spend much of our day indoors, staring at a screen. Too often the result is that we lose perspective and our wellbeing – as well as our performance – suffers.

The psychological and cognitive benefits of being outdoors are now well understood: time in nature enhances higher-order thinking, restores attention, brings perspective and boosts creativity.

Lesley Roberts BEd, MSc is an executive coach and adventurer who has been coaching outdoors since 1999. Her academic research focused on how nature can support coach and client. After 16 years with Mars Inc she founded Brave Conversations, working with global teams and individuals to unlock their potential. In 2019 she founded Coaching Outdoors to bring the benefits of partnering with nature to as many people as possible.

As a coach, you already know that clients respond better when they’re away from the office: imagine the possibilities if we step outdoors!

Discover everything you need to know to transform your coaching impact:

  • The science behind being outdoors
  • Logistics, planning, contracting and safety
  • Collaborating with nature as a co-facilitator
  • The benefits for coach, client and organization, highlighted through case studies
  • Tools and ideas on how to maximize all that nature offers.

Governing with Purpose

Nothing really prepares you for what it’s like to become a board trustee of a charity you believe in; nothing, that is, until now.

This book talks you through how to become a brilliant board trustee, carry out your roles effectively and even enjoy the experience.

Written by a current board member, for boards and their trustees, each chapter outlines the key approaches to take to become part of an empowered and brilliant board. Discover the principles of Governing with Purpose, and find out why governance and leadership are core values for board trustees.

Above all, it speaks to the value of your role in leading a charity to achieve its objectives.

Brian Cavanagh has over 25 years’ experience of governance and leadership in the public sector in Scotland. He is the CEO of Calibrate, a mentoring consultancy specializing in strategic leadership and board governance for the charity sector in UK and Ireland. Brian chairs an SME in Scotland and is a board member of a housing association in Ireland.

From Storeroom to Boardroom


An insider’s view of the challenges that big businesses face in the developing world: the opportunities, pitfalls, political and personal challenges involved.

Babs Omotowa has spent his life rejecting the status quo. His own career disproves the unthinking perception that Africans underperform in global businesses, and his insistence that issues such as community development, corruption, transparency and pollution belong on the corporate agenda alongside financial targets has helped big businesses to revolutionize their approach in the developing world.

The remarkable story of ‘Hurricane Babs’ – from storeroom keeper to global VP – showcases the issues that big businesses face in developing countries and reveals how multinational companies and leaders can best navigate these challenges: with integrity and courage.