The Future of Time

The way we value and manage time at work is broken.

Businesses are squandering time when making decisions, delivering work and managing people. Employees are rewarded for 24/7 availability, speed of response and hours worked.

The results are clear: low productivity; high stress and burnout; falling retention; and stalling diversity.

The Future of Time reveals how ‘re-working’ time – transforming organizations by adopting positive time practices – can help you build a more diverse, engaged and productive workforce.

  • Diagnostics to quickly assess the ‘time defects’ damaging your business
  • Compelling evidence, case studies and strategies to ‘re-work’ time successfully
  • Timelines and tools to bring about fast, effective change.

This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal is an open and honest account of the personal and professional journey of Michel Masquelier, the man who went from being a lowly intern to the Chairman of the media division of IMG, the world’s largest sports management company.

This unique insight into the life of someone who was at the very heart of the sports industry for 35 years is filled with colourful, larger-than-life anecdotes, as well as advice about how to balance professional success with a passion for life and about how – ultimately – the ingredients which help you build a good career can also bring you profound personal contentment.

Masquelier opens his heart to the reader, reflecting on many intimate and deeply moving experiences which have shaped his life, as well as providing up-close portraits of the giants who have shaped the sports industry over the last three decades.

Be inspired and seize the day!

Sales Coaching Essentials

Transform your team

Coaching is widely recognized as the most important factor when it comes to turning talent into top performers in every field.

More than ever, sales managers need to coach their people so they can develop valuable talent, boost sales performance and stop the churn of sales people out the door.

Training is information but coaching is transformation, and it’s the transformation that your people need to sell more and sell better. But where do you start?

With sample conversations and troubleshooting tips, this is a tactical playbook for coaching your sales people on the job in practical and easy-to-follow steps.

Mark Garrett Hayes is a sales enablement expert who helps sales leaders learn how to coach their sales people and dramatically boost sales performance.

Mark is the host of the ‘The Sales Coach’ podcast and interviews sales leaders and thought leaders at SaaS and tech companies worldwide each week.


So you have a great idea… but you’re not an entrepreneur, right? Wrong! Every entrepreneur started with the same fears, doubts and anxieties that you have right now. The difference between them and you? Nothing more than the next choice you make.

Ignite will take you step by step through the process, turning that small spark into a flaming success. This simple, easy-to-read guide will walk you through what may seem today like an impossible journey. From business planning to balancing wellbeing and hectic life schedules, this book breaks down the seemingly impossible journey into small manageable steps that you can cover over a matter of weeks, months or even years.

You can use the helpful reflections tool to note your thoughts as you go along so even if you come back to the journey at a later date you can pick up right where you left off!

Jo Richardson has over 20 years’ experience as a HR professional coaching and mentoring women in business. She has supported female entrepreneurs and small business owners to break through barriers and overcome personal and professional challenges.

Scientifically Speaking

Now more than ever, the scientific and medical community is under the microscope and in front of the media. Science matters, and in a post-truth world it’s more important than ever for scientists and physicians to be heard.

But there’s a challenge. To get people to listen, you can’t communicate in writing alone anymore. You need to speak up and be seen – on stage, online, and on camera. To do this well you need to master the art of influential speaking, which is something you weren’t taught at university or medical school.

This book teaches you how to become a compelling scientific speaker so that you can put your message across with confidence and clarity, both online and in person. It’s written by a speaking coach with 25 years of experience in science communications.

Part One shows how speaking can help you to win the war of attention, benefiting both your field and your career.

Part Two explains how to craft your scientific message in a way that connects with your audience and achieves your goal. Including how to be memorable, handle the Q&A, and communicate risk.

Part Three gives you a tool kit for speaking with energy and conviction in all types of situations. These include virtual channels, which are particularly important in the post-COVID era.

Jo Browning is the Founder and Managing Director of Filshie Browning Associates, and its Principle Consultant. She has 25 years of experience in verbal communication skills, and helps scientists and physicians to improve their content, competence, and confidence, so that they can communicate with impact and authority. This enables them to enhance their reputations and build more effective relationships with both their peers and others.

Brand Tuned

A brand is more than a snazzy logo – but what else is there to consider when building a brand? Do you really need a brand for business success? And what has intellectual property got to do with anything?

A strong, authentic brand is what makes your business stand out from the crowd – and what drives long term success. But the branding industry can be an overwhelming minefield, full of conflicting advice and multiple disciplines – so how do you navigate your way through the process? That’s where Brand Tuned comes in. With the step-by-step TUNED methodology, you will:

• define your brand to drive the business forward and help it stand out
• know what brand promise will attract your ideal client
• pick a name that will put you “front of mind”
• ensure that the design elements you choose are distinctive and ‘ownable’
• train your team to live the brand.

Drawing from evidence-based research, interviews with experts, and years of experience supporting businesses, Brand Tuned is the first branding guide written by an intellectual property lawyer who specialises in trademarks and brands. By incorporating the principles of intellectual property law right from the start of the process, branding expert Shireen Smith will show you how to create and build the brand that is right for you and your business – while avoiding the potential pitfalls.

Humanizing B2B

There’s a new truth in B2B marketing: if you want to move products, you need to move minds.

Most companies suffer from a delusion, and it’s this: that buyers always make decisions in a rational, logical, and economic way. The result is a slew of features-driven B2B marketing that few people really care about. In recent years B2B customers have evolved. The don’t just want to buy from businesses anymore, they want to buy into them.

The problem is too few B2B companies realize this. They continue with the same product-centric marketing that increases revenue by a percentage point here and there. It seems safe but it’s dangerously short-sighted, because it doesn’t deliver the transformational and long-term growth that makes businesses category leaders.

It’s even more important to address this issue at such a critical and delicate moment in the world economy. Marketing leaders require strategies that have an exponential, rather than an incremental, effect on brand, marketing and sales, and to implement them they need the new super-skills this book teaches.

This involves establishing a core purpose, shifting the focus from products to people, from features to feelings and from messaging to storytelling, acknowledging that neuro science has proved that people buy on emotion and justify with fact. In other words, it requires a completely different mindset to the one that’s prevalent right now, one that we call ‘Humanizing B2B’.

Built on Rock

Starting a business is one of the most exciting things you can do. It’s also one of the most daunting. There’s so much that can go right, and so much that can go wrong.

That’s why you need to understand and minimise the legal and commercial risks involved. When your new business is built on rock, you can relax in the knowledge that you won’t lose access to life-changing opportunities or waste time and energy on fighting legal challenges. Instead, you’re free to get on with what you do best — coming up with fresh ideas, finding ways to make them a reality, and selling your products or services to an ever- expanding customer base.

This book makes the complicated aspects of start-up law simple. In everyday language, it walks you through the key legal and commercial considerations:

  • Setting up your corporate structure for maximum advantage
  • Discovering your risks and how to minimise them
  • Finding out the best sources of investment
  • Learning how to value your company
  • Negotiating with investors for long-term success.

The Flourishing Student – 2nd edition

The REAL University Challenge: helping students to thrive.
As a tutor you want to help students to flourish not only academically but in all aspects of their university lives: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.
But with students reporting stress and anxiety at an all-time high, and academic staff under more pressure than ever before, you could use some help.
In this new, post-pandemic edition of the classic guide, Fabienne Vailes reveals how you can help your students develop a ‘tool box’ of techniques to support good mental health that will support them through university and beyond, and ensure your own wellbeing at the same time. She finishes with thoughts on how universities can implement simple changes that support resilience at an institutional, not just an individual, level.

HR Disrupted

The new and updated edition of the classic work on Disruptive HR.

The way we work is changing fast, and traditional HR is no longer fit for purpose.

Equipping our organizations to meet today’s demands requires something very different. This book provides HR professionals with:

  • a compelling case for changing HR
  • practical people solutions for a disrupted world
  • strategies to make the changes they need
  • ways to equip HR with the right capabilities and mindset

The new and updated edition of the classic work on Disruptive HR.

The way we work is changing fast, and traditional HR is no longer fit for purpose.

Equipping our organizations to meet today’s demands requires something very different. This book provides HR professionals with:

  • a compelling case for changing HR
  • practical people solutions for a disrupted world
  • strategies to make the changes they need
  • ways to equip HR with the right capabilities and mindset