Transform to Outperform

How do you get the best out of people when leading disruptive change?

In Transform to Outperform: 7 powers to transform you, your team and your results, Susie Robinson reveals the practical steps towards personal, team and organization transformation that will enable you to deliver extraordinary performance. She identifies 7 transformative powers – Goal, Process, Personal, People, Culture, Soft and Staying Power – which build on your existing strengths.

Leadership is about transforming outcomes. It begins with the release of personal power and continues in a performance double helix between the leader and their team, ultimately creating powerful ‘symbiotic’ teams and outstanding results. Informed by the latest developments in psychology, neuro- and performance science as well as many years working directly with leaders with a strengths-based approach, this is a powerful guide to personal development and life transformation as well as a manual for modern leadership.

Susie Robinson is a strategic consultant delivering HR solutions designed to deliver breakthrough performance. Through her 30-year corporate career culminating in HR leadership with DHL for 30 countries in EMEA, with global talent management responsibility for 60 countries, she has worked closely with top experts in the HR/OD field. She has a reputation for leading large-scale successful transformation and world-class HR functions, and her passion is for developing the potential of others through her expertise in talent management and leadership development.

Governing with Purpose

Nothing really prepares you for what it’s like to become a board trustee of a charity you believe in; nothing, that is, until now.

This book talks you through how to become a brilliant board trustee, carry out your roles effectively and even enjoy the experience.

Written by a current board member, for boards and their trustees, each chapter outlines the key approaches to take to become part of an empowered and brilliant board. Discover the principles of Governing with Purpose, and find out why governance and leadership are core values for board trustees.

Above all, it speaks to the value of your role in leading a charity to achieve its objectives.

Brian Cavanagh has over 25 years’ experience of governance and leadership in the public sector in Scotland. He is the CEO of Calibrate, a mentoring consultancy specializing in strategic leadership and board governance for the charity sector in UK and Ireland. Brian chairs an SME in Scotland and is a board member of a housing association in Ireland.

Coaching Outdoors

The essential handbook for partnering with nature in coaching conversations

As a species, we’re designed to spend most of our time outdoors. Yet today we live in a highly demanding technology-led society, where the pace of change is un-catchable and we spend much of our day indoors, staring at a screen. Too often the result is that we lose perspective and our wellbeing – as well as our performance – suffers.

The psychological and cognitive benefits of being outdoors are now well understood: time in nature enhances higher-order thinking, restores attention, brings perspective and boosts creativity.

As a coach, you already know that clients respond better when they’re away from the office: imagine the possibilities if we step outdoors!

Discover everything you need to know to transform your coaching impact:

  • The science behind being outdoors
  • Logistics, planning, contracting and safety
  • Collaborating with nature as a co-facilitator
  • The benefits for coach, client and organization, highlighted through case studies
  • Tools and ideas on how to maximize all that nature offers.

Lesley Roberts BEd, MSc is an executive coach and adventurer who has been coaching outdoors since 1999. Her academic research focused on how nature can support coach and client. After 16 years with Mars Inc she founded Brave Conversations, working with global teams and individuals to unlock their potential. In 2019 she founded Coaching Outdoors to bring the benefits of partnering with nature to as many people as possible.

Because I Can

From special duties selection to an earthquake on the side of Mount Everest, from a gunfight in Afghanistan to a year of endurance challenges, Tim Bradshaw has had to develop a robust toolkit and mindset to enable him to overcome serious challenges in hostile circumstances.

What’s remarkable is that he achieved these feats in the face of imposter syndrome and depression. Tim’s mantra is ‘Because I can’, because whatever you’re facing, you can do so much more than you think. This is a toolkit to help you take on any challenge. Whether you’re making an attempt on Everest or taking the next big career step this toolkit will make you more effective.

Tim attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst aged just 19. His first job was to lead 37 soldiers. Since then, he has served as a surveillance and target acquisition patrol soldier and covert human intelligence officer. In 2015 he attempted to climb Mount Everest to persuade mental health sufferers to ask for help. After a year of physical endurance challenges, he is now a Director of Sandstone Communications, an international leadership and team building consultancy.

Quest for a Cave

Emily, a small Scottish blue dragon, lives with Mum and Dad and younger brother Tom in a cave in a remote Highland glen. When they discover that a holiday camp is being built at the bottom of the glen – and come close to discovery in a daring midnight raid – they realize they must find a new home, away from these dangerous Humans. They set out on their quest and find a mysterious mountain, which is not all it seems…. Will they find their new home? And will Emily ever find the friend she longs for? This is the first of the Dragon Tales chronicles, and will be a firm favourite for reading aloud or reading alone for children aged 5-11.

“This is a sparkling story of a feisty young dragon, Emily, and her family. In her search for a friend she alerts the family to danger, which means they must move on.
Will they find a new home? And will Emily find her special friend? This will be a good length for first readers and a wonderful ‘read aloud’ book for all. I can’t wait to read the next one!” – Margaret Forrester

The Listening Shift


As a leader, you work hard at crafting effective messages. You aim to influence, persuade, present. You have a voice, you have a platform… but is anyone listening?

The reality is that the people you’re talking to are distracted. They’re listening at a rate of 125–250 words per minute, but they’re thinking at 1,000–3,000 words per minute. That gap means they’re likely to miss 75% of what you say.

And guess what? It’s the same when it’s your turn to listen. What are you missing? At the very least, if your people don’t feel heard or understood by managers and leaders, trust is eroded, frustration increases and engagement is reduced.

You need to listen and be heard…but most of us have never learned how.

The Listening Shift will show you how to be a listening leader. Find out:

  • why listening matters
  • how to engage people across your organisation by listening
  • how to have listening conversations – collaborative, connecting and inclusive
  • how to help others listen to you.

Janie van Hool is an expert leadership advisor in the art of communication. In the last 20 years, her practical, accessible solutions-focused approach to communicating has allowed hundreds of leaders to engage, inspire and influence their listeners.

Soft Skills for Tough Jobs

Ever come away from a conversation thinking ‘I could have handled that better’?

Soft skills are a dark art, but one you are already using when you are at your best.

With her simple NALED framework, Lucy Harrison has already helped hundreds of leaders be at their best more often. Now you too can choose to hold a different kind of conversation.

Designed and road-tested with busy industry managers, this guide and toolkit will help you improve team engagement, ideas and performance.

LUCY HARRISON is the founder of leadership consultancy the Harrison Network, delivering training and coaching in organizational development with a focus on human-centred leadership.

Foreword by Adrienne Kelbie, CBE

The Disruption Game Plan


Disruption is everywhere: it presents both great opportunities and significant threats.
Do you know how to shape your strategy to respond?
What if you had a game plan to navigate disruption?

The Disruption Game Plan presents a tried and tested framework to help senior leaders think differently about disruptive trends and emergent risks, and to act differently when making decisions, joining up thinking on innovation, risk, sustainability and strategy.

By revealing how we can more effectively deal with challenging business environments, this book will help any curious and ambitious senior leader to go beyond a short-term, fire-fighting response, and instead set out to ‘change the game’.

Ruth Murray-Webster is a consultant and expert in risk and organizational change. A former head of the Risk in the Boardroom practice for a major consultancy with extensive senior practitioner experience, Ruth now works with a wide range of public, private and third sector clients through her consultancy Potentiality UK to unlock the potential performance from uncertainty and change.

Eleanor Winton is a consultant and expert in disruption, innovation and foresight and the former head of the Future Institute for a major consultancy. She has extensive experience of working with senior teams to stimulate creative thought and action. Through her consultancy Foresightfully, Eleanor works with organizations to understand what the future might hold for them and to develop innovative strategies in response.

Parenting Magic

The instruction book that didn’t come with your child. A comprehensive guide to being the best parent you can be, connecting and communicating in a conscious and confident way with your children, so that you can both enjoy a great relationship and you can help them shine their unique brilliance in the world.

This is a new paradigm, exploring the importance of energetic communication and kinetic parenting with concepts, philosophies, strategies and ideas drawn from NLP, hypnotherapy, spiritual practices and the latest brain and heart research which reveals that we are communicating far more to our children than we think we are.

Humanizing B2B

If you want to move products, you need to move people. And if you want to move people, you need to move minds.

This is what modern B2B marketing is all about.

It’s time to wake up to the power of branding, purpose, stories, emotion, people and culture to drive growth.

There is something incredibly exciting happening in B2B land. Freed from a narrow focus on performance marketing, brands are becoming more interesting and more relevant.

This book brings together the latest thinking on humanized B2B marketing, to help leaders and their businesses grow, dominate their categories, and become meaningful in today’s demanding world.

PAUL CASH is a creative entrepreneur and storyteller on a personal mission to humanize B2B marketing. Recognized as one of the Top 20 most influential B2B marketers, he is the founder of Rooster Punk, the go-to agency for B2B storytelling.

JAMES TREZONA is a strategist, marketeer and MD of Rooster Punk. He uses the power of storytelling to empower businesses to reap the rewards of putting purpose at the heart of their business.