The Thriving Giver


“I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” – Dr. Sarah Eagger, consultant psychiatrist

Give yourself the kind of care you give others and create a personalized toolkit of simple and effective strategies to master stress and revitalise your life.

Whether you are a health or care professional, informal caregiver, therapist, or simply a people-pleaser who ignores their own needs, Sarah Kuipers invites you to take a fresh approach to stress by helping you unearth the roots of poor self-care, and guiding you step by step to create a life that nurtures you, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Only when you thrive can you give of your best to the world each day.

Discover 7 powerful principles that will help you:

  • Create supportive beliefs around your own worth
  • Gain a greater understanding of your risk factors
  • Transform your thoughts and emotions
  • Calm your anxiety
  • Become more assertive
  • Replenish your energy
  • Nourish your spirit

“This brilliant book… should be required reading for all caring professionals.” – Dr. Jane Buckle, former nurse and lecturer for healthcare professionals

SARAH KUIPERS ran a successful practice for over 20 years as a single mother, before burning out. Since completing a Masters in Research on stress and burnout she has facilitated numerous courses in personal development and stress management for medical students.

Purpose Ignited

This book was written to turn you ON – to ignite you from the core of your being! The contents are designed to vitally inspire you to cultivate meaning, passion, and purpose in the everyday moments, unleashing the very best version of you, every day. And then, you will be compelled to bring it – and bring it strong – to everything you do to make the contribution worthy of your one, precious life.

People are motivated at their highest levels when they can connect their work contributions to a greater purpose and mission, and you as their inspirational leader can help them do so. The world desperately needs a sea change in an otherwise soul-sucking workplace that is draining the life out of its members. This book will transform you to be that force, standing strong in inspiration and purpose, igniting the vitalizing ripple through your team and organization.

Starting with meaning and finishing with purpose, Part One is designed to get you fit for living and leading with “gusto.” Each chapter contains activities designed to transform you into a more impassioned and inspirational leader. Part Two teaches you how to unleash that newly found vibrant being to ignite your team members to realize their own greatness and elevate your organization’s cause to a higher contribution that betters the world.

Work and the way business is done can be such profoundly powerful forces for good that elevate humanity – your impassioned, inspirational, and purposeful leadership is essential to creating a world we all want to live in. Your journey awaits – let’s get to work.

Key features:
· Provides a 6-point framework to live with passion and work on purpose
· Inspiring stories from Alise’s radio show guests to illustrate key points
· Application activities in each chapter to catalyze your transformation

Sales Coaching Essentials

Need your new sales hires to get up to speed faster?
Want your salespeople to stop depending on you?
Like to get the very best from your sales team?

“This is the book you keep on your shelf and ‘dog-ear’ as a new or seasoned manager with tips you can action immediately. A rare find among sales books today.”
Ashton Williams – Senior Manager Revenue Enablement ADA

“A masterpiece in sales coaching. Your salespeople will become autonomous in their thinking, discovering their own answers, mastering their own objections, and you will be the guide to their success.”
Caroline McCrystal – Senior Account Manager UK&I GTM Banking Experian

“Mark does a phenomenal job demystifying sales coaching and making it actionable for frontline managers. A must-read for any sales leader unlocking the performance of their team.”
Matthew Dixon – Co-author of The Challenger Sale and Jolt

More than ever you need to coach your team so they can think for themselves, take responsibility for their performance and do what you hired them to do. If you want to turn your team into top sales performers, sales coaching must be your focus. Let this practical and easy-to-read book show you how.

Mark Garrett Hayes is an accredited coach and trainer, and is passionate about helping sales leaders to dramatically boost sales performance and accountability.

Getting On

You’ve come this far… how do you move your career forward from here?

Once you reach middle to senior level in your profession, you require different skills to allow you not only to develop your day-to-day role, but to continue your career progression and fulfil your potential.

Simply being proficient isn’t enough, you need to develop other capabilities related to communicating, engaging with others and dealing with every professional scenario effectively and confidently.

This book will help you master these skills to successfully navigate the next phase of your professional life, so that you can progress your career and increase your job satisfaction.

Don’t Fix Women

Struggling to find ways to retain and reward women and meet your diversity targets?

Wondering why your female-led diversity initiatives are not working?

Don’t Fix Women reveals how achieving gender balance at work isn’t about ‘fixing’ the women, it’s about changing the system. Packed with simple, practical recommendations, this book provides a route-map to improve gender equality in your organization, develop a truly diverse, modern leadership culture, and reap the rewards that this brings.

Be informed: Learn from over 100 senior business leaders and CEOs about what they are doing to accelerate progress towards gender equality.

Be ahead of the game: Access research data, new tools and frameworks for your leadership kitbag.

Be the change: Discover practical actions to help you make change happen in your organization today.

As a ‘curator of confidence’, and with over 70 articles published on, Joy Burnford has inspired thousands of women across the globe to find their confidence. But this is only one side of the equation. Her research makes it clear that making women more confident isn’t enough: we also need to change the organizations they work for to clear the path for true gender equality.

The Money Train


Before you get on the Money Train, here’s what you need to know…

You have a great business idea but very little money. There are investors out there with lots of money looking for interesting new businesses to invest in. On the face of it, it’s a match made in heaven – but beware the details of the deal you do…

You won’t be dealing with inexperienced investors. The standard models that investors impose on start-ups and young companies can mean loss of control, overbearing input, disproportionate reward to the wrong shareholders, or founders being squeezed out of their own businesses. The shape of your investment agreements will drive the future success of your business and your ultimate rewards.

This book prepares you for the investment journey and helps you avoid the pitfalls. Once you choose to get on board the Money Train, it becomes a journey with a pre-determined destination. And it can be almost impossible to stop, change direction, or get off.

David Pattison has considerable experience chairing and advising companies looking to raise funds across a wide range of industries. In this book he shares what every young business needs to know about investors before they buy a ticket for the Money Train journey, meaning you have a better chance of riding up front, in control of the journey, rather than in the last passenger coach, being bounced around at high speed, uncomfortable and out of control.

Project Future


You want to be your own boss, but how do you make the right decision and make it happen?
The world of work is unrecognizable from when you started your career. It’s full of uncertainty, but it’s also full of opportunities.
Never has it been easier to start a business and make an impact in the world.
Taking inspiration from project management techniques, Rob Kerr shows you how to test your ideas, get clarity, and launch a successful independent career. You’ll discover:

  • THE S.O.R.T.E.D. FRAMEWORK – to get your mindset right.
  • THE I.N.P.U.T.S. FRAMEWORK – to critically analyse your business proposal.
  • THE 6-STEP F.U.T.U.R.E. METHOD – to develop and deliver your plan.

Rob Kerr had a number of false starts in his own career before finding his path. A project manager for over a decade, he set up his first business in 2014 and has since found satisfaction and balance. Now he shares his approach with aspiring entrepreneurs, contractors, and freelancers, supporting them through these critical decisions and showing them how to flourish on their own unique journey.



Struggling? You’re in the right place.

In a world that’s obsessed with fast hacks, quick wins, and Instagram-perfection (cue “Everything is Awesome”) struggle has become a taboo. A sign that something’s gone horribly wrong. But what if we’ve got it all wrong about getting it wrong?

What if struggle isn’t a battle to fight, a trap to avoid, or a sign of weakness? What if struggle is precisely where the magic happens – where we do our best, most important work?

Whether you’re wading in treacle, waiting for the storm to pass or just damn tired of the hustle, this thought-provoking exploration will shine a surprising new light on the truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s shittier moments.

Author of the award-winning ‘How to be Really Productive’, Grace Marshall is known for her “refreshingly human” approach to productivity. Featured in The Guardian, Forbes, Huffpost and BBC Radio, her work as a Productivity Ninja has taken her from Norway to New York, helping thousands of people – from startup founders to corporate managers, artists to engineers, students and CEOs – to replace stress, overwhelm and frustration with success, sanity and satisfaction.

The Listening Shift


As a leader, you work hard at crafting effective messages. You aim to influence, persuade, present. You have a voice, you have a platform… but is anyone listening?

The reality is that the people you’re talking to are distracted. They’re listening at a rate of 125–250 words per minute, but they’re thinking at 1,000–3,000 words per minute. That gap means they’re likely to miss 75% of what you say.

And guess what? It’s the same when it’s your turn to listen. What are you missing? At the very least, if your people don’t feel heard or understood by managers and leaders, trust is eroded, frustration increases and engagement is reduced.

You need to listen and be heard…but most of us have never learned how.

The Listening Shift will show you how to be a listening leader. Find out:

  • why listening matters
  • how to engage people across your organisation by listening
  • how to have listening conversations – collaborative, connecting and inclusive
  • how to help others listen to you.

Janie van Hool is an expert leadership advisor in the art of communication. In the last 20 years, her practical, accessible solutions-focused approach to communicating has allowed hundreds of leaders to engage, inspire and influence their listeners.

Scientifically Speaking


Now more than ever, the scientific and medical community is under the microscope and in front of the media. Science matters, and in a post-truth world it’s more important than ever for scientists and physicians to be heard.

But there’s a challenge. To get people to listen, you can’t communicate in writing alone anymore. You need to speak up and be seen – on stage, online, and on camera. To do this well you need to master the art of influential speaking, which is something you weren’t taught at university or medical school.

This book teaches you how to become a compelling scientific speaker so that you can put your message across with confidence and clarity, both online and in person. It’s written by a speaking coach with 25 years of experience in science communications.

Part One shows how speaking can help you to win the war of attention, benefiting both your field and your career.

Part Two explains how to craft your scientific message in a way that connects with your audience and achieves your goal. Including how to be memorable, handle the Q&A, and communicate risk.

Part Three gives you a tool kit for speaking with energy and conviction in all types of situations. These include virtual channels, which are particularly important in the post-COVID era.

Jo Browning is the Founder and Managing Director of Filshie Browning Associates, and its Principle Consultant. She has 25 years of experience in verbal communication skills, and helps scientists and physicians to improve their content, competence, and confidence, so that they can communicate with impact and authority. This enables them to enhance their reputations and build more effective relationships with both their peers and others.