Category: Business, Entrepreneurship
Publication date: August 19, 2014

The Machine of Ultimate Prizes

Rose Cleaver-Emons

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Ever wished you could discover a secret that might just change your life or business forever? Well, what if instead of being wrapped up in a boring business book or a ‘self help’ manual it was a bite-size lunch-hour read, a kids’ style book for adults and something that might just change your life? A fun story… a practical technique… and a chance to supercharge what you do. Perfect for independent thinkers, network marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

Rose Cleaver-Emons is a Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy(R) and a master life and business coach as well as running Vibrant Northwest region and being the mummy of a gorgeous 2-year-old, Joseph.

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Paperback 9781910056141 August 19, 2014 £5.99