Category: Business, Leadership and coaching
Publication date: May 17, 2018
Extent: 264 pages

Leading Through Uncertainty

Emotional resilience and human connection in a performance-driven world

Jude Jennison

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The rapid advancement of technology has fuelled fast-paced change in business, creating a high-performance culture that requires leaders to be resilient, agile and results-focused. But the increased level of uncertainty and an ever-expanding workload often create stress, overwhelm, fear and polarization, leading to disconnection. The world never stops, and when people get caught in the same trap they risk burning out. In Leading Through Uncertainty, leadership expert Jude Jennison explores the challenges leaders face as human beings in a technological world, the new habits and behaviours they need to adopt to re-connect on a human to human basis, and the leadership qualities they need to lead through uncertainty. This is a call to return to the core of humanity to find the natural human characteristics of communication, connection, compassion and community, drawing on the experience of working with a herd of horses to understand the impact of non-verbal communication on leadership.


“Her style is straightforward, uncomplicated, gentle yet assertive. She generously shares her insights; whether these are new is for the reader to determine, but they certainly invite personal reflection. In addition, her book adds weight to the argument for a different approach to leadership development based on embodied experience.”

Jim Kennedy, Founder and Director, Metis (People & Organisations) Consulting, for HR Director

HR Director

Amazon reviews:

‘A fresh approach to leadership using horses as the conduit to deliver the lessons. Very powerful case studies and personal stories from Jude written in a truly engaging style.’

‘Real people meet real animals …and find they haven’t been so ‘real’ after all!. After their encounter, it’s the people who go away with new, literally life-changing, levels of self-awareness.

Jude draws key leadership lessons from her direct experiences ‘in the field’ as hardened business people encounter themselves in the company of horses. Under Jude’s direction, these magnificent beasts have a unique way of providing unbiased, non-judgemental feedback that simply removes the pretense and helps us see, clearly, how we’re helping and hindering in the way we lead.

I’ve had first hand experience of the beasts in the book and have understood my own journey even more as I’ve read this book and reflected upon my own encounter. Jude provides such a remarkable an unique environment for her clients and has masterfully crafted this collection of stories from various client sessions in the paddock; drawing key lessons to nudge us towards personal authenticity.

Like a Bear Grylls book on survival, you’ll learn a huge amount from the book – but don’t stop there; get in the paddock and face the truth.
“To know and not to do is not really to know.”

Highly recommended.’

A fresh approach to leadership using horses as the conduit to deliver the lessons. Very powerful case studies and personal stories from Jude written in a truly engaging style.
Lyn Bromley


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