Publication date: December 7, 2021
Extent: 224 pages

Consultant Me

The one essential management consulting skill leaders need

Michael Taylor

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Management consulting has a reputation for equipping smarter-than-average people with powerful business tools so they can help organizations to grow and advance. But those who chose business leadership and managerial roles rather than a career in consultancy have until now had little access to these tools.
Consultant Me does what no management consulting firm has ever done before; share these powerful tools and training in a way that allows regular business people to understand and use them.

With organizations actively working to reduce their management consulting spend just as they are being impacted by the greatest rate of change seen in three decades, there is not a better time to up-skill the tens of millions of leaders and managers upon whom our economies rely.
Consultant Me enables organizations to enhance their leaders’ and managers’ performance by deploying their knowledge of the business and their industry using better, up-to-the-minute methodology. If they require additional knowledge from external consultants they can source it from the on-demand providers. What they’ve lacked is the proven steps to take any topic from identification to impact. That’s what management consultants know how to do. And so too, now, can they.

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Paperback 9781788601429 December 7, 2021 £24.99
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