A little bit of Practical Inspiration on… Mastery with Narina Riskowitz

A guest post by Narina Riskowitz, Transformational Therapist and Soul Coach, and the author of The Foundations of Mastery and The Veils of Illusion. Narina runs spiritual workshops, embraces energy healing and works holistically with individual clients. A firm believer in the mind-body link, most of her work is aimed at releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs and so restore their natural health and inherent confidence of their true selves.

Life is a continuous process of self-discovery, evolution and growth. Like many, you may have been on the path of personal development for a while now. You may well feel ready for a whole new step or phase, to take a quantum leap to your next level of evolution – that of self-mastery. We are not always in touch with our true mastery; our true inner power. Yet, more than ever before, the world needs you to act from within your greater power.

The Time for Mastery is Now

Too often we under-estimate and doubt ourselves. It’s time to discover and embrace your greatness. It’s time to uncover your inherent mastery – who you truly are and what you are capable of. The time is NOW – to step into your power, own it and use it.

‘Mastery?’ you may be thinking: ‘Who am I to be a master?’

That’s what I asked myself when I started writing this book…

You are a Master, Discover your Greatness

You are a master, you’ve always been one. You came into this world with mastery in your DNA. Inside you is immense power, potential, gifts and abilities to be a creator, a leader, a change agent, a transformer, a beacon of light in a world that needs the likes of you. You have inner wisdom, waiting to be tapped, gifts and abilities ready to be unleashed. You are here with a great mission – to bring change in the world, by just being who you are.

Mastery is stepping into your greatness

Mastery is Freedom from Fear

Imagine being truly free from fear, stress and tension. We often blame the pressures of life and our workload for feeling anxious and stressed, but fear and stress are not caused by external circumstances, but the way we think about them. Fear only exists in the mind. Fear is the great illusion. All negative emotions and limiting beliefs stem from fear. We are now evolving beyond the old fear-based worldview, its suffering and its fight-and-flight response. Beyond fear is creativity, infinite potential, joy and love. Self-mastery offers us the techniques and practices to recognise the fear response and the old suffering programme, to intentionally de-energise them and to open up to love, creativity and wisdom – our true natural state.

Beyond Fear Is Only Love

Master your Mindset

Your mind is immensely creative and the possibilities are infinite. Past experiences may have created neural pathways of fearful reactions and limiting beliefs. But the good news is that you can rewire your brain. In each new situation you have a choice whether to mull over anxious thoughts or to open up to new opportunities with positive focus, feelings and beliefs. Empowered with the ‘how’ of the mastery mindset, you can flow with life intuitively and create powerfully and with purposeful intent.

About The Foundations of Mastery

The Foundations of MasteryThe Foundations of Mastery offers unique insights into the 12-Chakra System and how you can activate your higher chakras for your own health and expansion. It also provides a guide to the Universal Laws and how you can leverage these laws for your growth in mastery. The book also provides access to a host of powerfully transformational meditations with audio downloads, designed to bring about healing and advance your growth and evolution.